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Berlin connection

Tango teachers Marian & Stefan organize 3 days of music, dancing & learning and they are happy to announce that Daniela Feilcke-Wolff and Raimund Schlie from Berlin will share their experience during this inspiring weekend in Scala.

Daniela & Raimund dancing to “La cicatriz” from Juan D’Arienzo.
Stefan & Marian dancing to “Soy un arlequín” from Francisco Lomuto.
More information & registration visit: The Berlin Connection

Prices 1 workshop € 12,50 package of 6 lessons: € 60,- p.p.

Friday 21st
19:30-21:00 About beginnings and endings with Daniela & Raimund and Marian & Stefan
A tango has a beginning, a middle part and an end. Tango lessons normally deal with the middle, but what to do with the rest? Different ideas and variations to complete our dance.
21:00-00:30 tangocafé with djIsaac € 3,-

Saturday 22nd
14:00-15:15 Romance, rhythm & cheerfulness, with Daniela & Raimund
Experience how the character of the music can inspire your dance and how you can shape it with different energies, dynamics and embraces.
15:30-16:45 It takes more to Tango, with Marian & Stefan
Enrichen your dance by not only giving the usual 100% but adding a personal character inspired by the music. We work on asynchronicity of movements and personal interpretation of the music independent of the partner.
19.00-21.00 Heroic journey to the history of Tango, with Raimund. Learn about the origins and development of the Argentine Tango via videos, listening examples and simple rhythmical exercises € 12,50
21:00-02:00 salon and TJ battle € 5,-

Sunday 23rd
14:00-15:15 Dynamic turns in Vals & Milonga, with Marian & Stefan
Discover how a turn can change when you use different dynamics & intentions. Feel the importance to giveyour turns the right colour depending on the type of music.
15:30-16:45 Tango goes extreme: Pugliese and Biagi, with Daniela & Raimund
Adapt your dance to the expressions of the orchestra. Play with the rich complexity which both orchestras incorporate and experience the varieties of musical and rhythmical expressions.
17:00-22:00 salon with djBart € 5,-

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Daniela & Raimund are based in Berlin and teach at Mala Junta. They also travel in Germany and abroad where they give workshops, DJ at festivals and marathons or they just dance.
“Tango is embrace in motion, we connect with our partner, the music, the other dancers and the space.”
Daniela & Raimund’s teaching integrates all these aspects. They show ways to move safely and comfortably on the dance floor.

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