vrijdag 3 okt
21:00 - 02:00

friday night special

21:00 at least until 02:00, milonga & concert San Telmo Lounge, djing Isabella & Iwan, entrance € 7,50 (€ 20,- incl. workshop at 19:30)

19:30 – 21:00 Walk-in tango lab Isabella & Iwan
How to make classic moves become neo p.p. € 15,- (€ 20,- incl. milonga). Questions and/or want to join >>
Isabella Cremer & Iwan Harlan are tango dancers and artists from Mönchengladbach, Germany. “The moment is the choreography” – sounds the motto of both.

Their dance style is characterized by effortless dynamic, respect toward the other, flowing energy and a strong connection to the music. They like to impart the inner and outer posture and how it is connected to yourself, to your partner and to the dance. The classes impart tools which helps you to improvise your dance and have more freedom. More to read and see in the web page: www.elonga.net

About Djing: e-longa is the trademark of the couple Isabella & Iwan. “What us moves and make us dancing is the MUSIC. Therefore it is necessary that the music is breathing, inspiring us and makes room for the ” e ” ´s. This can happen in all styles of music and of course in classic music too!!

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