zondag 10 sep
17:00 - 22:00

milonga djEl Rojo

Here is something about my DJing:

In 2006 I started DJing, mainly regional in Köln (Cólon, La Pista) Wuppertal (Cáfe Tango, Cafe Ada), Düsseldorf (Tango Valentina) and sometimes in the Netherlands (Flor de Fango, Milonga-Factory, Scala TipoTango) or Belgium (Koffiefabrik Antwerpen).
I played also on Marathons (PartouTango, Tango-Sause Bremen, Phantastango, 4D-Day Eindhoven, Groningen).

About the music I want to say, that every decade has it’s own highlights. I like the “epoca d’oro” also as the older or the newer epocas.
In my DJ-Sets I play 100% traditional also as sometimes mixed with Nuevo ore New Orquestas, but always straightened by the wishes of the host.

See you in Eindhoven, Matthias