Lessons & booking

TipoTango works together with several teachers and tango schools.
You can take almost every day tango lessons Scala. The teachers also offer specials on weekends and during periods between series regular classes. More information by TANGO school can be found on their websites. TipoTango also organizes regular specials with teachers (also from abroad). Information about this can be found in specials and events or sign up for our monthly newsletter.

Check the sites of the tango schools for more info & contact details:
Tango-Ahora subsciption & info call Marc 06 3600 1971 / Agnes 06 8166 9374 or info@tango-ahora.nl
Stefan & Marian Tango Artisan Supscription for the classes >>
Marian & Stefan Mi-Tango Supscription for the classes >>
Sonja & Francis, beginners course young people Tango Dojo sign up eltangodojo@gmail.com info 06 3977 5054