14, 15 en 16 Oktober 2022 Weekendspecial met Sercan&Zeynep

Welcome to the October edition of the TipoTango Special weekend with maestros Sercan & Zeynep, which we have invited from Turkey, especially for you! We hope you are ready for a weekend full of workshops and milongas, with a show on the main night!

During the weekend we will host six workshops over two thematic days with very affordable package prices, the more workshops you take, the more affordable they become! On Saturday evening Sercan & Zeynep will give a performance so do not miss the main night event! We have also organised three night milongas with great DJs that will keep you dancing all night!

Friday 14th:
[20:00 – 01:00] Friday night milonga with DJ Bart (Nl)

Saturday 15th theme: Circularity and Momentum
[16:00 – 17:00] Tango Workshop 1: Get the tools for a fluid, comfortable giro/ ways to lead turn continuously without interruption
[17:15 – 18:15] Tango Workshop 2: Get into the world of enrosque for men /the weapon of a woman; supportive and comfortable giro
[18:30 – 19:30] Vals Workshop 1: Turns in close embrace for vals

[20:00 – 01:00] Saturday night milonga with performance and DJ Roberto Tucci from Italy

Sunday 16th theme: Crosses and Musicality
[15:00 – 16:00] Tango Workshop 3: Understanding the musicality; less is more. How to use basic steps playfully.
[16:15 – 17:15] Tango Workshop 4: Connection for different cortados (giro, linear, ocho); understanding, leading and responding beyond the standards. [17:30 – 18:30] Milonga Workshop 1: Playful crosses to enjoy more; use of different crosses to dance milonga tanda

[19:00 – 00:00] Sunday night milonga with DJ Siva Krishnamoorthy

Workshop prices**
1 workshop: 18 euro – (18 euro/WS, 0.00% discount)
2 workshops: 34 euro – (17 euro/WS, 5.56% discount)
3 workshops: 48 euro – (16 euro /WS, 11.1% discount)
4 workshops: 60 euro – (15 euro /WS, 16.7% discount)
5 workshops: 70 euro – (14 euro /WS, 22.2% discount)
6 workshops: 78 euro – (13 euro /WS, 27.8% discount)

** it is possible to mix and match days to your liking with the package prices

Sign up for the workshops here

Milonga prices

10.00 euro Friday night
12.50 euro Saturday night (+show)
10.00 euro Sunday night