4D festival 2018

On the festival site:
• Daily: bring, sell and buy, dancer vintage clothing & shoes to the 4D market
• May 10th, DIY buffet, come with your favorite salade or cold dish and share it
• May 10th – 13th, massage by Kyrah Human Move
• May 11th & 12th, twelve euros dine@6, Argentine food with the Keetering Boys
• May 11th & 12th, Mira Dance Dress, elegant dancewear by Rianne Voets
• May 12th, Tangotacion and Mariposita, Shoes by Lenette Kleijn
Our aim is to make the tango dance and tango music popular and widely accessible to the public. As an example to follow, and to offer a broad cultural program with Argentine music, dance, and film, to consume and simultaneously to learn.
Our festival attracts visitors from across the Netherlands. Diehard dancers from Germany, Belgium, France, and England come over to dance as many meters as possible.
The very first 4D festival in 2000 was an initiative of Jan van Amelsfoort, Marijke Slegers and Jacob van Kokswijk. This in cooperation with Birkit & Muzzafer 
(La Zapada) and Footloose.