Belly dancing has been Irfane’s great passion for many years. She took classes in the Netherlands and Egypt.

She also performed for many years. Now she still enjoys giving workshops.

We are glad she also wants to introduce us to this beautiful dance.

Attention!!! There are also male belly dancers, so everyone is welcome.

  • Bellydance makes you supple and is good for your self-confidence, you dance on and with your own strength.
  • Bellydance is for women of any age and any figure You do not only use your belly and hips but you dance with your whole body You get to know your body again.
  • Bellydance is graceful.
  • Bellydance brings you out of your head and into your body and grounds you.

So if you want a taste, come on Friday, January 19 and 26 to Scala, Tipo Tango in Eindhoven because Irfane will give 2 workshops from 19.15 to 20.15 hours.

Costs E 12,50 per workshop

Wear comfortable clothes. Hip scarves will be brought by Irfane.
It’s best if you dance barefoot!

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