Friday night Workshops

Workshops are organised regularly before the Friday night Tango Café. These start at a quarter past 7 and last until about 15 minutes before the start of the Friday night Milonga in Tango Café.

Current schedule of workshops:

  • Dive deep into Argentine Folklore:
    BailarINA (Ina Greiner) organises workshops on 3 Fridays that introduce us to Argentine Folklore. No partner is needed for these workshops.
    For more information
  • Off the Beaten Track:
    Stefan and Marian will teach us to do things differently for a change, which will result in very surprising dance steps. For more information
  • Tangoceano workshops Giros and Sacadas:
    In December, 2 workshops by Tangoceano with topics: Giros during the first workshop, Sacadas during the second. For more information
  • Tasty Appetizers by Bart&Ingrid:
    Bart&Ingrid will organise a free workshop with the topic Playing with Rhythmic Steps on Friday, December 29 before the Tango Café. For more information
  • Yoga for Tango Dancers:
    how YOGA and TANGO merge and how yoga can refine your tango feel.
    For more information
  • Bellydance by Irfane:
    Bellydancing is for everybody, both men and women. Irfane teaches us how. For more information

    1 December 2023 – Dive deep into Argentine Folklore
    8 December 2023 – Workshop by Stefan and Marian – Off the beaten track
    15 December 2023 – Workshop by Tangoceano – Giros
    22 December 2023 – Workshop by Tangoceano – Sacadas
    29 December 2023 – Workshop by Bart en Ingrid
    12 January 2024 – Yoga workshop for Tango dancers by Marieja
    19 January 2024 – Belly dancing with Irfane
    26 January 2024 – Belly dancing with Irfane
    2 February 2024 – Yoga workshop for Tango dancers by Marieja

    Stay after the workshops to enjoy the Tango Café. Entrance 6 Euro.