BRING HOPE BACK: Benefit Milonga 23 April 2023 – Looking back

Erdi & Sinem of dance school Tangoceano organised a Benefit Milonga on 23 April 2023, the proceeds of which were for the victims of the earthquake in Turkey, especially those in Hatay. We have all seen the shocking images on the internet.

This Milonga was a great success due to the contributions of DJ La Gata and the delicious food on sale. The total proceeds amounted to 1090 euros.

Erdi & Sinem of dance school Tangoceano

Erdi&Sinem say: “As we are still having the joy of a wonderful event, we want to thank everyone for their contribution both on the dance floor and for the donations!
We are to purchase 48 hygienic parcels(22.5€ each)!
We know that many friends wanted to come but due to their schedules couldn’t. Yet their presence was felt all over! We would like to share the links with people who would still like to help.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality – Hygiene and Food Parcels:
Topraktan Tabağa (From Soil to Plate) –…/deprem-yardimi…
Many chefs led by Ebru Baybara Demir, are working in the kitchens to distribute food to the earthquake survivors in the provinces. Together with volunteers, they prepare 3 meals a day. You can buy all kinds of food or digital support card under the Earthquake Aid category to give support.
Turkish Education Foundation:
They are monitoring the well-being of their grantees affected by the earthquake, and continue to support them all financially and morally with their “Keep Them in School” program.
And with the delicious food that was prepared by our big-hearted friends, we will be supporting Zeyniye’s cousin Meryem, who is fighting against serious illnesses while taking care of her mother and father in a tent. This was the first step to providing her a container home that has better hygienic conditions. So don’t be surprised if you see more milongas with Turkish “hapjes” around NL!
All of these were possible thanks to the connecting power of Argentine Tango and the kind people it brought together. As we always say, ‘Argentine Tango is much more than a dance!’ and this milonga was an embodiment of this.
Lastly, a huge thanks to our dear friend Hilalita and the home of Argentine Tango in Eindhoven, Scala TipoTango, and its amazing team! We feel super blessed to be part of them!”

Here is another impression of this unforgettable Milonga and two short videos:

Video 1

Video 2