Friday night workshop: Activate your back

On 21 June, we welcome Amaryllis Luyten with an impulsive dance workshop with a special focus on the back. Our back is very important in our daily life but certainly also in our dance. The back offers us mobility (middle part of the spine) allowing us to bend and twist easily, especially the latter as an important movement in Argentine Tango, while the lower back gives us stability. Moreover, in a number of dance movements, it is very important that we dance “in our backs”, leaning into the embrace, as it were, while naturally staying in our own axis.

In tango, however, we often “forget” our backs. But a present back gives a whole different experience in your dance. From assignments in dance improvisation, we reawaken our backs. We discover the possibilities of movement and give each other “back support”. We will explore, investigate and especially “play”. A different experience in the Tango Café afterwards is guaranteed.

This Friday evening workshop starts at 7 and lasts until quarter past 8.
The cost is 7 euros per person. Participation is individual, no partner is needed.
Registration in advance is not necessary, just walk in on 21 June but be on time

About Amaryllis:
Amaryllis mainly dances dance improvisation and Argentine tango. She likes to experiment with crossovers between different styles and disciplines.
She says: “For me, dance is my breath. When I dance I can fully allow who I am. May I be completely there as I am. My body takes me through movements, plays with the music. And I get a huge sense of freedom and joy in its place. I want you to experience that too. The liberation of dance, of music, of movement. Each in his or her own unique way. The most beautiful dance is your own authentic dance and that is what I want to search for with you.”