Lessons & booking

TipoTango works together with several teachers and tango schools.
You can take almost every day tango lessons Scala. The teachers also offer specials on weekends and during periods between series regular classes. More information by TANGO school can be found on their websites.
TipoTango also organizes regular specials with teachers (also from abroad). Information about this can be found in specials and events or sign up for our newsletter.

Check the sites of the tango schools for more info & contact details:

Lesson day Wednesday Tango Artisan Stefan & Marian, Lesson day Thursdag Mi-Tango Marian & Stefan, subscription for classes on Wednesday>>
subscription for classes on Thursdag>>

Tangoceano with Erdi & Sinem
Mobiel Erdi 06812690 73- Sinem: 0638249210
The couple has been giving lessons since 2014.
During lessons, they are emphasizing on;

  • Good technique in order to dance comfortably with eachother.
  • Communication to contribution from both sides to the dance.
  • Tango embrace to create a synergy between the partners.
  • Musicality to synchronize dance with the music and to enjoy it!

There are also regular workshops on Friday evenings before the evening’s Tango Café. Current information.