SOLO technique for Tango dancers

Once again, Marian is organising workshops on 3 Fridays that revolve around the technique of both male and female tango dancers, whether leaders or followers.

These workshops will focus on balance, axis, centre and stability. Tango-specific movements such as walking and turning will also be practised, as well as standing leg and playing leg. These workshops will cover a number of ways to give attention to these points.
You can sign up without a partner, participation in the workshop is individual.

The dates of these workshops are 5 and 26 April and 28 June 2024. The start time is 7 pm and the workshops will last 1 hour and 15 minutes, giving us extra time to absorb everything. Afterwards, the Tango Café will start and dancing will be possible!

The price per workshop is 15 euros per person.

The Tango Café starts after the event, stay tuned and dance with your new insights!

Registration for the workshops: / 0625044965

For information on Marian: