Friday evening Workshop: Introducción al Tango Argentino Milonguero

Claudio Cesar César and Carolina Rodriguez Laraia are from Argentina and are in Europe to give a number of workshops during a Tango Festival in Barcelona. These two tango professionals are making a one-off visit to the Netherlands and have agreed to give our Friday evening workshops on 7 June. They will introduce us to the “Tango Salon” as it is danced in Buenos Aires. They will take everyone’s level into account and adapt the routines. So a certain level is not required, everyone can participate.

It is a unique opportunity to be taught by dancers who come straight from the origins of tango.

The workshop on 7 June 2024 starts at 7pm and lasts until 8.15pm

Claudio and Carolina are a couple of dancers, choreographers and teachers passionate about what they do. They were born in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) in 1971 and grew up in an environment surrounded by music, with tango as their main standard. In 1995, they began their studies at the municipal dance school José Néglia under the watchful eye of traditional milonguero/tango experts Delma and Aurelio. At the same time, Dante Montero and Hayde González offered them their knowledge of stage tango. After three years of improvement at the Academy of Argentine Tango Styles (ACETA) , they were able to enrich their style thanks to great professionals.

Both tango teachers are also musicians, Claudio plays guitar and Carolina sings tango songs.

Participation is individual, it is not necessary to register with a partner

The price: is 10 euro p.p.

Time: 19:00 to 20:15

 You can register by mail here or at the door on 7 June. But full = full

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