Special of Intensive workshops by Ina and Marian: POSTPONED

We were introduced to the synergetic collaboration between Ina Greiner and Marian Breedveld on Thursdays last class season. The students were enthusiastic and asked for more. Ina and Marian want to follow up on that. On Saturday afternoon 13 March they will join forces again and give two intensive workshops to develop and deepen our dance. There will be a short break between the two workshops.

The start is at 1 pm with a workshop focusing on ” Connection with the backside, posture & embrace applied in simple and complex turns”. This workshop will last until 3pm.

After a half-hour break, the second workshop will start at 3.30pm. This workshop will focus on ” Slow and fast moves, work with tone, how to lead & follow, musical interpretation”. This workshop will also last for 2 hours.

Participation in the workshops is per pair.

The price for 1 workshop is 30 euros per person, for 2 workshops you pay 55 euros per person.

Registration is in principle necessary. You can do this via email marianrotterdam@gmail.com or whatsapp Marian 06265044965. But should you regret not signing up at the last minute, come anyway to see if there is still a place.